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AimCam HD Sports Action Camera Glasses - Camo
AimCam HD Sports Action Camera Glasses - Camo

Aim Cam

AimCam HD Sports Action Camera Glasses - Camo

Product Code: AIM-CAM-CAMO

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Now with upgraded EN166 lenses and reduced price of £199.99

The unique lightweight miniature adjustable HD camera system allows the most accurate video capture of your direct line of sight. AimCam is the only camera system that allows footage to be captured as you see it, directly down the sights of a gun or any other sports.

They come with hard case, clear, yellow and dark polarised lenses, USB charging cable, cleaning cloth, spare adjustable lense arms, and micro tool.

Perfect for various activities and sports, such as Airsoft, Hunting, Shotgun, Sport/Handgun, Pistol Shooting, Snooker (Billiards), Fishing, Archery... the list goes on.

What’s the difference between AimCam and other sports action Cameras?

AimCam is the only sports action camera that has been designed from the ground up to capture line of sight.  Only AimCam has our patented camera mounting system and unique line of sight.

Other sports action cameras are too big and bulky to mount anywhere near the users eye without impeding vision, so the only way that other sports action cameras can capture approximately what the user is looking at is to use a wide angle lens which distorts the action.  AimCam has a lens which replicates the correct focal length and approximate viewing angle of most human eye’s so what the AimCam can capture is what the user is seeing.

How is AimCam different from other camera glasses?

There are plenty of ordinary camera glasses on the market, but only AimCam has a directional 3 mega Pixel microcamera that can be mounted directly above the users dominant eye and adjusted to compensate for any tilt or angle of the head when aiming.  Ordinary camera glasses point where you head is facing – only AimCam points where your eye is looking!

Is AimCam only for Aiming sports?

No, Just because AimCam has a unique design that allows it to capture line of sight it can also be used as an everyday camera system to record whatever you like?!

Do you need the lenses in the glasses when wearing AimCam?

No the Frames of the AimCam glasses are ridged and the camera system can function perfectly without the lenses in.

Does AimCam work for either left or right eye dominance?

Yes! AimCam comes with a range of clips suitable for positioning the micro-camera above either the left or right eye.

Do the frames allow the prescription lenses?

The frames will not directly take a precision lens that we are aware of unless a specialist opticians that you may know of would be willing to make a bespoke lens to suit your requirements. We have found that our frame/camera system can be worn at the same time as some standard prescription glasses and this is down to your personal requirements and choice. AimCam’s R & D department is constantly working to make sure our products are suited for all individual’s and this is one area that we intend to have a full solution for in the near future!

How long does the AimCam battery last?

If you want to use the AimCam as a training aid and Wirelessly live stream to an instructors tablet or phone then the battery will need to be recharged after approximately 1 hour of use. If you turn off Wi-Fi and just record then the internal battery can record for up to 1 hour 15 minutes before your need to recharge or switch to external battery power. AimCam is capable of working while being charged at the same time. Connect to a USB Powerbank with the included micro USB cable to give your AimCam an unlimited battery life.

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