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G&P Salient Arms SAI GRY M4 (Long)

Product Code: GP-AEG089L
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**Licensed by EMG Salient Arms International**

Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 810mm / 890mm
Weight: 3180g
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Inner Barrel Length: 382mm
Gearbox: 8mm Bearing Gearbox
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed
Battery: Advise using 7.2v or 8.4v Battery (Not Include)
-SAI Taper Metal Body (Black)
-Long Railed Handguard with SAI QD System For Tool-less Rail Changes
-SAI 14.75" Taper Outer Barrel
-556K Flashider (CW) (Short)
-S Forward Assist Bolt Cover Set (COP078)
-Plastic Selector (A) (Black) (COP077BK)
-Ball Ball Mid-Cap Magazine (Black) (130rds) (MAG007BK)
-Madbull Fully Licensed Strike Industries Grip (Black)
-Plastic BUIS Sight (Black)
-Crane Type Buttstock (Black) (COP068BK)

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February 14, 2017 | S.Hodgson
G&P Salient Arms International

I bought this Rifle because it was New, Very Hard to get hold of in the UK and Looks a Million Dollars... With this in mind, I knew that I wouldn't see too many of these on the field. With the input from Salient Arms International I knew that G&P were onto a Winner. OR were they! I have fired a couple of magazines through the Real Steel SAI Rifle last year in America at a Shooting Range, so I have a little experience in looks and the feeling of this aeg's Counterpart... When I purchased and received this in the Post, and Unwrapped it I found a Well presented Thick White Cardboard Box (Imitating a large Iphone!) However ALL 8 box corner edges were Destroyed and Crumpled with one end being Completely Detached "I'm putting that down to being delivered!" The only thing holding everything in was Land Warriors outer packing. One Recommendation would be to pick this up in person! I Dissapointingly found the Rifle and Accessories were NOT Fastened inside the box, AT ALL! and are left free floating, the only saving grace was that it was well packed in polystyrene chips, not exactly what I was expecting on a high end "ish" rifle. At first glance on opening the box (if you could call it opening) was WOW, on a hands off aproach it looked AMAZING. (Lucky No Damage was Done to the Rifle or Magazine) It looks the same in all aspects of size and dimensions as it's Real Steel Counterpart. On a closer inspection I found ALL METAL PARTS:- The Buffer Tube and Castle Nut Charging Handle The Lower and Upper Receiver "Non Functioning" Bolt Hold Open Catch "Non Functioning But Working" Forward Assist (raw aluminium which is a nice touch) Magazine Release Catch Ejection Port Dust Cover All Takedown Pins The Handguard and Outerbarrel Muzzle Break Prison Break Front Attachment THE PLASTIC PARTS:- Butt Stock Pistol Grip "Fake Bolt" Trigger Fire Selector Front and Rear Sights GEARBOX:- 8mm Bearing Gearbox, Version 2, Full Metal, Fully Upgradable. Motor = G&P M120 Hi-Speed On First Inspection I was Really Impressed with the quality Control. This Rifle IS REALLY Well Made with attention to detail. The only problems I have are:- The BUTT STOCK The Butt Stock is Really Cheap Plastic, it Looks Cheap, it Feels Cheap and Rattles more than a pair of Maracas! It Just doesn't Fit, when you look down the sights with the original stock on the whole rifle wobbles on the buffertube... I replaced this INSTANTLY with a Genuine Magpul ACS-L Carbine Stock (which fitted Perfectly) and it changes the look and feel, there is now NO Wobble. The SIGHTS The Sight are imitation and made of plastic. They are however usable, being adjustable for windage and elivation. TRIGGER Made of Plastic, little to NO feel on pull and is Not Adjustable. EJECTION PORT DUST COVER Unable to Close! Now I know this is a design feature to show off the "Gold" Bolt, But..... SHINY GOLD BOLT On the Original it's a pre-nickel treatment with a titanium nitride (TiN) coating. Which has a Dull Gold Glow to it, On this AEG countrrpart however it's a Bright Gold In your Face Colour (again probably a manufacturer design) At the price this AEG is going for which isn't cheap, I would have loved a small piece of "metal" with Genuine pre-nickel treatment with titanium nitride (TiN) coating! Hry i woukd have taken the titanium nitride coating and i would have been prepared to pay for it too. But that's just me being picky... Now that I have looked at the "minor" Negatives Let's Look At the Positives... ATTENTION TO DETAIL All I can say Is amazing... there are No Bures No Welding and Casting Joins. All the Joining Pins Connect where and as they should. The Locking Pin and Lever which join the Handguard to the Receiver is Rock Solid with Zero Movement. The Jail Break Attachment is well Build, Looks Amazing and is also Rock Solid in its Attachment, just like it's Real Steel Counterpart. This Rifle has Several Quick Release Attachment Points built into it, 2 on the Original Butt Stock (One Left and One on the Right Side) and it also has Two built onto EACH side of the Handguard. Attention to Detail or What! This is almost a Full Metal Rifle that weighs a Bomb, Weighing in at 7lb 15oz (Magpul ACS-L Carbine Stock, my Halosun Red Dot Sight and an Empty Magazine Attached). NO LIGHTWEIGHT but Looks like it's Real Steel Counterpart, Feels Like it's a Real Steel Rifle, and Point Like One Too. On firing my Rifle 50 or 60 times, to run it in and with a little sighting to get it on target. I did 10 single shots through the chronograph. My Results were:- 1 355.3 fps 2 354.0 3 351.2 4 356.5 5 356.7 6 353.7 7 354.9 8 359.8 9 354.4 10 355.1 fps So on those 10 shots the maximum spread was an Amazing 4.1 fps and the average shot was a respectable 355.16 fps. On a windless "range" of 25m. Prone, Supported and on a Bench Rest, I fitted my Halosun RED Dot sight and was consistently hitting a "Full Fat" Coke Can! Even with the No Feel - Plastic Trigger! So this Rifle Does Have Potential in its Factory Setting Right out of the Box and in the Right Hands. OVERALL:- This Rifle Looks the Business. It has a few very small downsides but overall it's an amazing product, which I'm sure will outperform the user. Will or Would I change anything? Yes. I recommend the Butt Stock goes BEFORE you do anything... Upgrade the sights for a Red Dot and you will have an extremely pointable weapon. Will I be doing anything in the Future. YES, I would like to upgrade the trigger to a metal, adjustable one with a little more feel. Other than that it has Performs IMPECCABLY. Only time will tell as for the internals, which are All Metal and Fully Upgradable. But at the moment they are performing well beyond my capabilities... Would I buy another one.. In a Heartbeat, if I could find one!

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