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Sniper Rifles Airsoft Rifles & Pistols

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Sniper Rifles Airsoft Rifles & Pistols

Are you looking for spring or CO2 airsoft sniper rifles? At Land Warrior Airsoft, we stock only the best rifles from leading brands that enable you to hit long range targets reliably and accurately.

What Is An Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

An airsoft sniper rifle is a high-precision, long-range rifle that's perfect for combative gameplay. Ideal for players who enjoy testing their accuracy skills, there are different styles available, including bolt action assault and semi-automatic, and offer a different shooting experience than other categories of airsoft guns.

If you're a newcomer to airsoft, getting your head around the minefield of terminology and tactics can take time, and understanding the different guns on offer is no exception to this.

Spring sniper rifles are the primary gun of choice for most players as they are easier to get to grips with. Using the elastic potential energy stored within a compressed coil spring, a piston air pump is released upon pulling the trigger and rapidly pressurises the air within the cylinder. This then propels the pellets down the gun barrel.

Gas and Co2 sniper rifles work in a similar way but utilise an internal air tank instead. However, because Gas and Co2 is highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations, a change of just a few degrees can significantly impact the shot, so more skilled and experienced airsoft players tend to use these guns.

Why buy Airsoft sniper rifles from Land Warrior Airsoft?

Not only do we stock models covering a range of different price points, but we only sell sniper rifles from leading brands, so you can rest assured you're buying high-quality equipment. Alongside ASG, Jing Gong and Lancer Tactical, we have models from Tokyo Marui and Umarex too.

If you're not sure which sniper rifle is the right one for you, contact the team at Land Warrior Airsoft today. We'll talk you through the different options and recommend equipment based on your needs. What's more, if you spend more than £100 on our site, you'll benefit from super-fast delivery.