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Gas Rifles Airsoft Rifles & Pistols

Gas airsoft rifles combine power with accuracy and strength for a realistic and rewarding shooting experience. With a wide range to choose from, including the latest gas blowback rifles for that ultra realistic experience, we offer a range of gas powered airsoft guns for players at all levels.

What Is A Gas Airsoft Rifle?

A gas airsoft rifle is an airsoft gun that's powered by canisters of gas for a focused and powerful shooting experience. A popular choice due to their accuracy and realism, look for a gas blowback rifle (GGBR) for an authentic firing feel.

How Does A Gas Airsoft Rifle Work?

In contrast to AEG rifles which are battery powered, gas airsoft rifles work by using canisters of gas, which are pressurised in the magazine to typically around 300 psi. When the trigger gets pulled, a minute quantity of gas forces a BB out of the rifle's chamber, creating a forceful shot. You can refill gas airsoft rifles usually by charging gas into the magazine via their fill valve, or in some cases by replacing the gas canister housed in the rifle. The most common type of airsoft gasis green gas which is a mixture of propane and other lubricants, with Co2 and propane also being used depending on the environment and requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gas Airsoft Rifle?

A gas airsoft rifle is highly authentic as a replica in terms of use and feel, which makes it the ideal option for those looking for a realistic combat experience. Gas blowback heightens the tactility of using an airsoft gun, making it more comparable to the 'real' thing, thanks to its recoil properties upon firing, most prominently felt when automatic mode is used. It's for these reasons that gas airsoft rifles are some of our favourite airsoft choices.

Gas Airsoft Rifles At Land Warrior Airsoft

A gas airsoft rifle is always a worthwhile purchase, and as one the UK’s leading airsoft suppliers we’ve got a great range from leading brands including Tokyo Marui, Umarex and PTS Syndicate. If you need any assistance in finding the right gas airsoft rifle for your needs then get in touch with our expert team who can answer any questions.